how to choose an ergonomic office chair

To choose an office chair, it is useful to know the functions and trimmings available in a high office chair range, and put it in balance with the budget you want to spend to purchase.
It is better from the top and make compromises when choosing, rather than buying blind, and regret buying a few weeks later. An office chair is something you need every day and it is better to be informed about what the market offers to choose well.

The best ergonomic office chairs have almost all the same features and have the same functions as they will struggle against the apenseur, office chair manufacturers will ensure to be distinguished by the design of their products and quality of the materials in which they are made.

Anyway, it’s not about the brand that I wish to emphasize is the ergonomic features to be taken into account for choosing the right office chair.

In the order we see the functions & settings: (the absence of one of its functions should, in my opinion, exclude the qualification of truly “ergonomic”)

Adjusting the height of the office chair

The chair is of course adjustable in height so that the knees form a 90 ° angle to the thighs to support the weight of the body.

Adjusting the seat depth of the office chair

The seat depth provides greater surface weight distribution of the body: the entire length of the thighs is used to support the weight of the column is excellent for people qiu suffer from back pain and makes the seat more comfortable: it shows in the evening.

Adjusting the office chair armrests

The armrests must support all the weight of the arm.
The armrests allow bends form an angle of 90 ° relative to the upper arm. They are adjustable in height, depth and can be positioned laterally closer or can be further from the body, depending on the tasks.
The material which composes the above armrest consists of a gel intended to relieve the pressure exerted by the weight of the arms on the armrests.

Office seat backrest adjustment

The back of the chair follows the curve drawn by the spine in order to provide an ideal working position and comfortable.
The back of the chair is equipped with an adjustable lumbar support depth and backrest itself is adjustable in height so as to adjust the lumbar support in the right place relative to the spine.
The backrest angle and the tension it must also be easily adjusted to provide the most comfort and support possible.

Adjust the headrest

The headrest supports the weight of the head and should provide a comfortable touch to the neck.
The headrest must always be adjustable in height, depth and offer several support points on the back of the head.

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